The chalet was established in 1975 by Vera Johnson in the steep roofed establishment known as Mr. Swiss, a chain ice cream and hamburger stand at the time. Her focus was simple, a breakfast place that catered to the customer. She spent every day at the restaurant from early in the morning until 3PM or later. Johnson continued to run the business solo – her husband Alan Johnson was busy managing his own business in Arcata.

In 2000, her son Bill Tuttle returned home from the Marines, by then the former Marine aviation ordinance officer had taken over the cafés operations. The Eureka establishment maybe the city’s second oldest, longest – running restaurant. Among all the specials the make–your–own omelette remains among the restaurants most popular dishes. Just about everything on the menu can be adapted to the customers particular desires. We cater to the customer, you can switch anything on the menu. It’s your meal. It is clear the customers love this place and still do.